Harringtons has a commitment to protect the environment.

As well as caring about the food we produce we care about our environment and wherever possible Harringtons is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. We believe that these values are reflected in all of our products.

At every step of the manufacturing process, from procurement of raw ingredients to consideration of end user, all environmental aspects are monitored and controlled.

Where possible, we endeavour for raw ingredients to be sourced locally, reducing the energy consumption by transportation, coupled with the aim of supporting the local community and local businesses.

We have designed a compostable bag which is suitable for some of our products, and aim to limit the use of excess packaging. All our packaging is recyclable (where facilities exist).

A Combined Heat and Power Plant converts Natural Gas to electricity, heat and steam. This has vastly reduced our carbon emissions.

Our purpose built factory is equipped with modern efficient manufacturing and packaging systems and we have invested to ensure that we are using these advanced systems and technologies as another way to reduce wastage.

We have designed a compostable bag (certified to European Standard EN13432) and can be composted either in your own compost pile or through an industrial composting process. Our big bags (15kg) are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of through your local authority recycling collection, either through your home recycling collection or from a local designated collection point.


We are accredited for our environmental performance by the Investors in the Environment (Bronze Accreditation). The Investors in the Environment sets criteria for environmental performance for:

Committing to reducing environmental impact

Committing to legal compliance

Recording and monitoring impacts and resources

Setting targets and objectives to reduce environmental impact and increasing efficiency and minimising risk of pollution

Creation of an action plan – which sets out what we have done, currently do and plan to do

  • Emergency preparedness and response

The future

We realise that as much as we have so far achieved, we always want to do more. We aim and commit to further reduce our resource use, and reduce all wastes.

We are now on course to achieve higher accreditation with the purpose of becoming a truly sustainable business.

Our Positive Pawprint Impact Report

Our 'Positive Pawprint' Impact report which gives you a more in-depth look at what we stand for and how we're taking steps to leave a positive pawprint in everything we do.

To name a few, so far we have:

Donated 3 million meals to pet charities across the UK, thanks to our Miles & Meals programme

Our Miles & Meals Strava group has been joined by over 7,000 members, all committed to helping pets in need

Planted 100,000 trees as of June 2022 through our tree planting partners, Ecologi

Offset 23,686 tonnes of CO2 so far (to put that into context, 1 tonne of CO2 is the equivalent of driving once around the world!)

Entered our 2nd year as the 1st major UK pet food business to be carbon negative

To read the full report, click here.