All about Harringtons

Proudly Yorkshire born and bred, Harringtons has a strong affinity for all that’s natural –from the wonderful environment we work within, to the food we feed our pets.

What does Natural for All mean?

At Harringtons we’re on a mission to make natural food the natural choice for every pet. It’s food that’s full of tasty natural goodness, food that’s packed with vitamins and minerals, food that’s healthy, balanced and tasty. Locally sourced and free from artificial nasties, it’s nourishing food that’s made by us in our own factories - natural food for all pets.

That's Harringtons

Our Legacy

Great Grandfather Harrington started a milling business in Yorkshire, England. From milling, we became animal feed manufacturers before starting pet food manufacturing in the mid-1980’s.

Three generations later, Harringtons retain a proud family tradition of producing top quality, wholesome pet food for everyone – from locally sourced and grown ingredients and free from any artificial flavours or colours.

Our History

What makes us tick

  • We are big on family

    We know how important family is to you - after all, your pet is part of your family.

  • We have quality at heart

    We always make the best possible food, with great quality, locally sourced ingredients, free from anything artificial.

  • We’re obsessed with great value for every pet

    It’s in our DNA to believe in sharing good Yorkshire value with everyone, cutting out wastage, and unnecessary, expensive packaging.

  • We care about all animals

    So, we never have and never will carry out or fund invasive animal testing – apart from taste testing just to make sure pets love
    our products.

We care about the planet

We’re proud to be from the heart of the Yorkshire countryside and want to keep our environment beautiful for future generations.

  • Did you know?

    Over 98% of our packs are recyclable - and we are working hard to hit 100%.

  • Did you know?

    We were the UK’s first pet food brand to use paper bags in 2008

  • Did you know?

    Our big 15kg bags are 100% recyclable so you can dispose of them through your local authority recycling.

  • Did you know?

    We were the 1st large UK pet food manufacturer to be certified carbon negative for our operations

Reducing our Environmental Impact

We are always actively working to reduce environmental impact at every step of our manufacturing process, from procurement of raw ingredients to packaging, and beyond.

What that means is:

  • We are the first large UK pet food company to be carbon negative
  • Local sourcing to reduce transportation and support our local community.
  • 98% recyclable packaging, so we leave nothing behind.
  • Combined heat and power plant to convert gas to electricity, heat and steam, reducing carbon emissions.
  • A modern, low-waste, purpose-built factory, equipped with energy efficient manufacturing and packaging systems.

We are accredited!

Investors in the Environment (Bronze Accreditation) sets criteria for environmental performance for:

Protecting our natural world

  • Years as carbon negative - 2
  • Donated - 3 million meals
  • Miles & Meals Strava group - 7,000 members
  • Trees planted with Ecologi -100,000
  • CO2 offset - 23,686 tonnes

Our Positive Pawprint Impact Report

Download and discover our Positive Pawprint Impact Report