The Hunt is Over for Naturally Meatier Meals in our new cat TV ad!

The Hunt is Over for Naturally Meatier Meals in our new cat TV ad!

At Harringtons Pet Food, we understand that your feline friend is more than just a pet; they are a part of your family, and we believe in providing them with the very best. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest TV advert for Harringtons cat food, where we reveal the secret to a contented, satisfied cat.

In the ad, we meet a delightful tabby cat named Tabitha who, until recently, had been a seasoned mouse hunter. But something extraordinary has happened... Tabitha is no longer interested in chasing those elusive critters, and the reason is simple: the hunt is over thanks to delicious Harringtons cat food with proper meaty fillets.

We're making mealtimes meatier and, most importantly, contributing to your cat's health and happiness.

Proper Meaty Fillets Made with Freshly Prepared Meat and Fish Ingredients

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their bodies require high-quality, highly digestible protein to thrive. That's why we've formulated Harringtons cat food with meaty fillets containing a generous 80% freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients.

Our cooking process gently locks in essential proteins, ensuring your cat gets the most easily digestible nutrients from their food. This not only keeps them healthy but also takes care of all their nutritional needs, giving them all the energy they need to fulfill their mischievous cat duties.

Contains 100% Animal Protein

Cats have specific dietary requirements due to their carnivorous nature. Animal protein is the most suitable source for them, providing essential amino acids like taurine, which they need to not just survive but thrive. At Harringtons, we understand the importance of 100% animal protein in your cat's diet. We take pride in ensuring that our cat food meets these requirements, giving your feline companion the nutrients they deserve.


Cats are designed to get all their energy from protein, so there's simply no need to add any unnecessary carbohydrates from grains. Our cat food is entirely grain-free, ensuring that every bite serves a purpose, keeping your cat active and healthy.

Natural Ingredients, No Artificial Colours or Additives

We believe in a simple philosophy when it comes to our cat food: natural is better. That's why our cat food contains absolutely no artificial colours or additives. We want to provide your cat with a diet that is as close to what they would find in the wild, free from any artificial enhancements.

With our tasty natural cat food the hunt can be over for your cat too. We've harnessed the power of real meaty fillets, high-quality protein, grain-free nutrition, and natural ingredients to create a meal that your feline friend will adore. Make your cat's meals naturally meatier with Harringtons cat food – because your pet deserves nothing but the best.