How to Keep your House Clean During the Moulting Season

How to Keep your House Clean During the Moulting Season

The arrival of summer typically means clear skies and lots of sunshine. Along with the ice-creams, barbeques and long walks in the park, the warmer weather also brings with it an increase in dog moulting, as they shed their winter coats for something much cooler. Dogs with double coats tend to moult their undercoat seasonally, whereas dogs with longer coats simply thin out their fur. 

When this happens, no matter how many times you get the hoover out, the house can sometimes still feel covered dog hair. Although you can’t stop moulting all together, there are lots of things you can do to manage it. To help keep your floors, furniture and clothes clean, we’ve put together a list of top tips for keeping your house free of moulted fur during peak shedding season.

  1. Brush, brush, brush!
    One of the most helpful things you can do is give your pooch a thorough brush every day, removing the moulted fur and keeping their coat clean, soft and less likely to shed all over the house! Try to choose a time when your dog is relaxed, and work your way through the fur in patches so it lifts evenly. 
  2. A good diet is key
    Make sure your dog is getting a healthy, balanced diet to ensure their coat is in tip-top condition. Giving your pet high quality food such as any of our Just 6 range can help to reduce shedding. It contains a combination of six natural ingredients including fresh meat or fish, farm-grown vegetables and vitamin-rich oils, creating a highly nutritious and super-tasty dish.
  3. Clean up straight away
    Newly shed hair is the easiest to clean up as it typically stays together as opposed to separating out into individual hairs which can be more difficult to gather. Our top tip: use a dry rubber glove to wipe up loose dog hair from upholstery, as it collects it easily into a more manageable clump.
  4. Groom them regularly
    A weekly wash in the tub during summer keeps their coat healthy and clean, rinsing away some of the hair during washing, while the rest can be removed in a post-bath brushing session. This not only gets rid of the moulting fur, it also creates a nice relaxing grooming routine for your pooch to enjoy! Booking in regular sessions with a professional dog groomer will also help maintain your dog’s coat, and keep them looking their best as well as cool during the warmer months. 
  5. Keep things covered
    It can be a good idea to cover furniture and beds with throws that can be easily washed, and car seats with plastic covers or blankets; so those pesky dog hair won’t get stuck in hard to reach places. 

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