How to be a More Sustainable Pet Owner

How to be a More Sustainable Pet Owner

Just as we care for our lovely pets, we also care about the planet we all live on.

The Harringtons team are taking steps every day to move towards a more sustainable future whether that be in our manufacturing, supply chain, or simply just in their personal life.

Although we are so proud of what we have achieved so far, we always want to do more and wanted to share a few quick and easy tips that can also help you, as a pet owner, help us on our journey to being more sustainable.

1. Try to reduce the need for frequent orders

By combining multiple deliveries into a single larger order on a less regular basis, you can help to reduce the impact on the environment, and also benefit from free delivery through our website

2. Buy pet food in bulk

A great top tip to minimise packaging is to buy your pet food in bulk. You can buy some of our most popular dry dog food in bags up to 15kg

3. Recycle your packaging

Overall, the packaging use is 98% recyclable and we are working hard to ensure we can claim 100% in the future. Make sure you check on each bag, tray or can where they can be recycled. 

4. Pick up your waste on your walks

To help reduce plastic waste, take compostable bags on your walks. You can also help the local community by taking a larger bag on occasional walks to collect any discarded waste (think bottles and wrappers) that are littering the local environment. 

5. Buy from a carbon negative company

In 2020 we became the first major pet food manufacturer in the UK to be certified Carbon Negative. We achieved this through a combination of accurate carbon assessment and offsetting - for our production, manufacturing, office and all of our employees. 

We aim and commit to further reduce our resource use, and reduce waste so you can be confident when buying from us that we have the same commitment to the environment that you do.