A natural, complete wet food your dog will love

Say 'hello' to our range of Harringtons wet dog food — the balanced, wholesome choice.

Our food is made using our unique FreshCook® method, meaning we use human grade quality ingredients that are freshly prepared and gently cooked to give a naturally tasty, locked-in nutrition that's easily digestible for your pets health and happiness.

Natural, nutritious, delicious

  • Made With 65% Freshly Prepared Meat Ingredients
  • Grain Free Recipe For Sensitive Digestions
  • Made With Fresh Potatoes And Vegetables

Harringtons wet dog food:
The natural choice for your dog

Our furry friends are more than pets, they’re family members. So, when it comes to their diet, we want the very best for them — naturally.

For all those owners looking to give their dogs the most natural, freshest diet possible, we've created a complete wet dog food that ticks all the boxes. Made in the UK, these delicious, grain-free recipes have locked in vitamins and minerals, with no artificial nasties.

Allow us to introduce Harringtons wet dog food. Natural, nutritious and absolutely scrumptious, our range is carefully formulated to include all the important ingredients our four-legged friends need to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Dogs and owners just can’t get enough. Hear what they have to say:

Renly absolutely devoured it.... he was so excited about his Harringtons he couldn't eat it fast enough!

thenibblereport on Instagram

Some very happy bulldogs. Salmon, potato and vegetables wolfed down in seconds!

@scoffers94 on Instagram

Safe to say we will be buying more of the Harringtons wet food as truffle really seemed to enjoy it


Wet dog food: what are the benefits?

Harringtons wet food diets are a complete pet food suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks onwards.

Dry or wet, the Harringtons range provides all of the vital nutrients that dogs need. But if your pooch struggles with hydration or is prone to carrying some extra weight, wet food can offer a dynamic dietary solution.

With a high moisture content, wet dog food can help with meeting your dog’s fluid requirements, decreasing the risk of developing urinary tract infections. Also, with its lower carb content, wet food can help your dog to keep their weight in check if they have a somewhat insatiable appetite.

Lastly, with its irresistible scent and taste, it’s impossible to deny that dogs absolutely love wet food — great for picky eaters. Happier dogs, happier owners, right?

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  • Duck

    with potato and vegetables

    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    Based on 104 reviews

    This lovingly-formulated wet food boasts a delicious range of natural ingredients: freshly-prepared duck, seaweed, mussel and chicory. For those dogs with sensitive tummies, you’ll be pleased to learn that this recipe — like all of those in our range — is grain free. Nothing artificial here, whatsoever. The recipe is available in a 400g or 150g tray size.

    Available sizes
  • Salmon

    with potato and vegetables

    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    Based on 211 reviews

    We’ve used slow-cooked, human-grade ingredients to deliver a tasty, vitamin-rich salmon recipe that couldn’t be easier to digest. This tail-wagging wet food has it all — fresh salmon, omega fats, minerals, glucosamine and even prebiotics to help digestive health. Suitable for any dog aged eight weeks or over, this grain-free complete wet is available in small and large tray sizes.

    Available sizes
  • Turkey

    With potato and vegetables

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    Based on 109 reviews

    Gently-cooked and chock full of wholesome, natural goodness, this turkey tray is a delight for your dog. No junk, no fillers and no grain, just freshly-prepared ingredients and locked-in nutrition — like all of our wet food! Choose from 150g or 400g; whichever works best for your dog aged eight weeks or more.

    Available Sizes
  • Chicken

    with potato and vegetables

    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    Based on 186 reviews

    Available in two sizes, our protein-packed chicken preparation will suit your dog down to the ground. Using our unique FreshCook™ method, this recipe boasts human-grade ingredients and delivers a wholesome meal full of nutrients — because only the absolute best is good enough for our furry friends.

    Available sizes

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Harringtons Dog Range

Make the natural choice. Carefully-formulated, complete recipes to help your best friend live a healthy, happy life.

Why Harringtons?

Since 1923, the Harringtons family has been building a reputation for natural, wholesome pet food for dogs, cats and small animals. We don’t compromise on excellence — every single product in our range is carefully formulated with your pet in mind.

By choosing a Harringtons subscription, you’ll join our club of dog lovers and be able to make a 5% saving every time you order, as well as getting free delivery in England & Wales! (charges may apply for other areas, see shipping policy for details)

It’s simple. Select the time, place and frequency you want your food delivered and never worry about picking up or running out of dog food again. That’s more valuable time for cuddles and ball chasing.

  • Home grown: proudly made right here in the UK
  • No hidden nasties: all natural here
  • Recyclable packaging: doing our planet a favour
  • Family-run since 1923: ever since great-grandfather Harrington
  • No hassle: Pick up yours in store, online or directly from us
  • Delicious & nutritious: All the ingredients your dog needs