Loyalty Scheme Terms and Conditions


    1. Harringtons Pet Club is operated by Inspired Pet Nutrition Limited (trading as Harringtons) (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’), a company registered in England and Wales under company number: 02495237. Our registered office is at: Dalton Airfield, Topcliffe, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 3HE. Our VAT number is: GB 927 1515 28. You can contact us by visiting our customer care website at https://customercare.harringtonspetfood.com/.
  2. Harringtons Pet Club

    1. Harringtons Pet Club is a rewards scheme that can be accessed via our website. By registering for Harringtons Pet Club, the customer (‘you’, ‘your’) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    2. Harringtons Pet Club is only available if you are a consumer and for personal, domestic use only. Business customers are not eligible.
    3. We may change or stop Harringtons Pet Club at any time with no liability to you.
    4. Once you are a member of Harringtons Pet Club, you are eligible to earn points as follows:
      Activity Number of points awarded
      For every £1 spent 5 points
      Fill out your pet’s profile 25 points
      Liking our page on Facebook 50 points
      Following us on Instagram 50 points
      Following us on Twitter 50 points
      Submitting a product review 50 points
      Including a photo or video with your product review 25 points (in addition to the 50 points for the review)
      Signing up to our mailing list 50 points
      Creating an account 250 points
      Referring a friend 1,000 points
    5. Points earned can be redeemed as follows:
      Number of points required Reward
      500 points £5 off a future order
      1,000 points £10 off a future order
      1,500 points £15 off a future order
      2,000 points £20 off a future order
    6. In addition to the above, points may also be awarded for other reasons, entirely at our discretion.
    7. Points will normally be applied to your account immediately after the relevant activity has been carried out, but we reserve the right to apply the points at any time after the activity if, for example, we need to verify that certain conditions have been met.
    8. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the rates at which points are accrued and/or amend or withdraw the rewards available at any time.
    9. Harringtons Pet Club only applies to orders and/or subscriptions placed on this website. It does not apply to any other loyalty schemes operated by Inspired Pet Nutrition Limited. Each loyalty scheme operated by Inspired Pet Nutrition Limited will require its own registration and points earned and tiers achieved (if applicable), under each scheme can only be redeemed in relation to the same website.
    10. In the case of subscription tiers, the subscription tier is unlocked by you having at least one active subscription. If you then cancel all subscriptions, your tier status will be automatically adjusted to a non-subscriber tier.
    11. If points have been awarded for an order that is later refunded (e.g. it has been cancelled or returned), the points awarded for that order will be deducted from your points balance. If there are insufficient points to deduct, your points balance will be a negative value.

    1. Once you have created an account with us via the website you will be automatically enrolled onto Harringtons Pet Club, although we reserve the right at all times to suspend/terminate your access to Harringtons Pet Club. If you checkout as a guest without creating an account, you will not be enrolled unless you choose to create an account (which you can do at any time), at which point you will be enrolled onto Harringtons Pet Club.
    2. Membership in Harringtons Pet Club is free of charge.
    3. Once you create an account you will be awarded 250 points. If you create an account after previously checking out as a guest, you will be awarded points and/or subscription tier status (if applicable) for any orders and/or subscriptions you have placed in the preceding three months. We reserve the right to amend the number of points awarded on registration from time to time.

    1. Any points not redeemed within 12 months from the date of your last order will automatically expire. We will endeavour to notify you in advance if your points are due to expire and if you place another order this will extend the expiry date by a further 12 months. Your earliest earned points will always be used first at the point in time you redeem any points for a reward.
    2. Points are considered ‘redeemed’ at the point they are converted into a reward (i.e. a discount voucher) through our website. Vouchers do not have an expiry date however they are limited to one use only and can only be used by the account holder that created the voucher.
    3. If your account is closed or deleted (either at your request or at our discretion) any points accrued that have not yet been redeemed will automatically expire and such points cannot be re-instated if, for example, you re-open an account with us.

    1. Points earned have no monetary value.
    2. Points and rewards are for exclusive use by the account holder and cannot be bought, sold or transferred between accounts or to any other person.

    1. Details of how to redeem points for a reward can be found here: https://harringtonspetfood.com/pages/pet-club.
    2. Once points have been redeemed for a reward, the points are non-refundable. We may decide to cancel a reward and refund the points used if, for example you selected the wrong reward by mistake, but this is entirely at our discretion and only where the reward has not already been used.
    3. Rewards that involve a discount on a future order will be provided in the form of a discount voucher, the code on which must be applied by you when you submit an order or subscription and will not be applied automatically. Rewards come in the form of either a one-time purchase discount voucher which can be used at checkout for a standalone order, or an active subscription discount voucher which can be used in the subscription portal – these are not interchangeable and the correct type of reward must be selected. Discount vouchers are available in fixed increments only (as set out in section 2 and as may be amended by us from time to time).

    1. Each customer has their own unique referral link which can be used to refer friends/family and earn points for doing so. The referral link will display a popup containing a unique discount code that applies to the person being referred. For example, the person being referred can get £10 off their first order worth £35 or more. In order for points to be rewarded for a referral, the referred customer must use the referral link, and must apply the uniquely generated discount code to their order, meeting the minimum spend requirements. The referred customer must be a new customer (they cannot have placed any orders on our website previously). We reserve the right to deduct points awarded fraudulently e.g. if a customer is found to be abusing the referral scheme by opening multiple accounts and referring themselves.
    2. You can sign up to our mailing list, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram via the links provided on our website here: https://harringtonspetfood.com/pages/pet-club
    3. You can leave a product review after ordering on our website. We will invite you to leave a product review via email once you have placed an order. Only reviews that are submitted directly to our website via the link in the invitation email will be eligible for points. Reviews submitted to third-party websites such as Trustpilot are not eligible for points. You must opt-in to receive email marketing from us to receive a review invite, which you can do here: https://harringtonspetfood.com/optin