Winter Walking Safety Tips

Winter Walking Safety Tips

We might find the winter weather puts us in a bit of a grump, but it doesn’t always dampen our canine friends’ spirits! Bounding through the snow, prancing through puddles and digging in the mud; you can’t keep an outdoor loving pooch down (even with the barometer struggling to stay above freezing). While their endless enthusiasm in the face of winter is heartening, it’s important to make sure our dogs stay safe when you brave the outdoors. Read our top tips for making sure they’re looked after during winter walks.

1. Give them a puppy pedicure. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed helps with traction on slippery surfaces which is important if the ground is icy or frosty.

2. Keep your pooch on a short lead in snow or when visibility is poor. It’s easier for them to get lost or confused when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Keep them close and, better still, make sure they’re wearing high visibility accessories.

3. If your dog is still a pup or if they’re of a short-haired breed, make sure they keep warm with a sensible winter coat.

4. Avoid patches of ice and especially avoid walking over frozen water; the ice might not be thick enough to take your dog’s weight.

5. As tasty as they might find it, stop your dog from eating snow. There might be hidden nasties that could be damaging if swallowed.

6. Thoroughly clean your dog’s fur and feet when you get back from walking outside during the winter months; grit salt can be an irritant.

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