We've given our wet cat food a fresh new look for proper tasty mealtimes!

We've given our wet cat food a fresh new look for proper tasty mealtimes!

At Harringtons, we're all about giving your furry friend the best of the best and we're chuffed to bits to introduce our newly revamped wet cat food range. It's not just a fancy makeover as we've also updated our ingredient breakdown on pack.

We reckon that mealtimes should be meatier than a Sunday roast, so we've made sure our wet cat food is packed with a whopping 80% freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients in our fillets, giving your cat a proper meaty feast with a delicious gravy. After all, who wants a Sunday roast without the gravy?!

Harringtons Wet Cat Food

We wanted to give our wet cat food range a bit of a refresh, so we've spruced up the packaging with bright and lively designs that'll have your kitty purring with delight. It's like a party on the shelf, bringing a touch of fun to mealtimes and making your furry mate feel like a proper VIP.

We know that cats are true carnivores, and we don't mess about when it comes to their tums. Our fillets are packed to the brim with 80% freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients, all cooked up with love to create a meal fit for a king or queen (because let's face it, they're like royalty!). This high meat content means your cat will be getting the protein-packed goodness they need to be at their best.

Harringtons wet cat food benefits

We believe that the best way to keep your cat healthy and happy is to give them what nature intended. That's why our wet cat food is 100% animal protein. None of that fancy footwork with fillers and unnecessary grains. It's easier on their tummies and promotes healthy digestion. 

Harringtons wet cat food

We're as straight-talking as they come, and we reckon you deserve to know what goes into your cat's food. That's why we've made sure our packaging gives you a clear and proper breakdown of the ingredients. No mystery meat here, just honest-to-goodness ingredients that you can trust. We believe in transparency, so you'll know exactly what's going into each pouch of Harringtons wet cat food.