Wet Cat Food: Gravy vs. Jelly - Catering to Your Cat's Palate and Hydration Needs

Wet Cat Food: Gravy vs. Jelly - Catering to Your Cat's Palate and Hydration Needs

As devoted cat owners, we know that providing our feline companions with a balanced and nutritious diet is super important. Our range of natural wet cat food offers not one, but two delectable options to satisfy your cat's taste buds while ensuring optimal hydration: fillets in gravy or jelly.

Fillets in gravy: rich in flavour, irresistible to cats

If your feline friend relishes indulgence, our gravy variety is the way to go. This option features tender meaty fillets drenched in a delicious gravy that is sure to entice even the fussiest of feline palates. There's a range of delightful flavours available so you're sure to find something your cat will love:

  1. Meaty SelectionThis complete adult wet cat food selection box contains the classic meaty flavours Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Turkey - so you're sure to find a flavour to suit your favourite feline.

  2. Poultry Selection: Made with freshly prepared meat ingredients, for a nutritionally balanced meal to satisfy even the fussiest eater - this selection contains Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Poultry flavours. 

Fillets in jelly: light, refreshing and equally delicious

Our meaty fillets in jelly caters to cats who prefer a lighter and more refreshing dining experience. The tender meat fillets are coated in a tantalizing jelly, offering a different texture for your beloved companion. 

  1. Fish Selection: Does your furry friend prefer fishy flavours? We've got you covered with this selection, which includes Cod, Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna. 

  2. Meaty Selection: With 80% freshly prepared ingredients in our delicious fillets and 100% animal protein you're guaranteed to find a winner for your cat in this meaty selection. 

One of the main advantages of wet cat food is its ability to contribute to your cat's hydration needs. As natural desert-dwelling creatures, cats have a lower thirst drive, which often results in them not drinking enough water. This can lead to potential health issues such as urinary tract problems.

The gravy and jelly in our wet cat food act as a source of additional hydration, keeping your cat well-hydrated even if they don't drink as much water throughout the day. This helps ensure a healthy urinary system and promotes overall wellbeing.

Why your cat might prefer one over the other

Each cat is unique, with distinct preferences, and their preference for gravy or jelly may vary based on factors such as age, taste preferences, and even weather conditions. Here are some reasons why your feline friend might lean towards one option:

  • Texture Preference: Cats, like humans, can have texture preferences. Gravy's thick, meaty texture might be more appealing to some cats, while others may prefer the lighter, gel-like consistency of jelly.

  • Flavour: Just like us, cats have their favorite flavors too. Some cats might be drawn to the richness of beef in gravy, while others might enjoy the refreshing taste of fish in jelly.

  • Temperature: During hot weather, cats might prefer jelly as it provides a cooling sensation, while in colder months the warm and hearty gravy variety might be more comforting.

It's essential to observe your cat's response to both varieties and discover which one works for them. At Harringtons, we believe in Making Mealtimes Meatier, that’s why each pouch is packed with freshly prepared meat and fish and nutritious animal protein.

We only use natural ingredients and never add artificial colours or flavours neither, so sleep easy knowing you’ll be taking good care of them with Harringtons. No nonsense, just natural goodness for all.