Top Tips To Plan Your Walks This Winter

Top Tips To Plan Your Walks This Winter

Every dog owner knows that an important part of any dog’s life is making sure they get regular exercise they require to lead the healthiest and happiest life. Although, during the winter months, going for walkies can be far less appealing due to the darker nights, harsh weather and dropping temperatures - however with the proper planning and considerations there is no reason as to why your winter dog walks can’t be just as enjoyable for both you and your pooch.


Perhaps this is the most obvious advice to give any dog walker during winter, but making sure your dog is warm and comfortable is imperative during your walk. A simple jumper or waterproof jacket can protect your dog from the colder conditions and ensure that your walk is just as enjoyable as it would be any other time of the year.

Length of the walk

Embracing shorter and faster paced walks can be effective in making sure your dog gets their necessary exercise without spending too much time outside in chilly weather. Shortening your usual route can help achieve a much more enjoyable adventure for your dog, as well as paying attention to their body language which can be a useful method of knowing when it’s time to go inside.

Lack of daylight hours

One of the biggest changes seen during winter is the amount of daylight we’re exposed to and having to take your dog out in the dark. Some easy preparation, such as reflective collars and accessories, can dissolve any concerns regarding visibility and you may also find that your route is much quieter than usual – which is a bonus for those owners whose dogs are on the more boisterous end of the spectrum.


Many people appreciate a fresh blanket of snow; however, this element can drastically alter the walk you had planned for you and your dog. Small changes in your normal routine such as protecting your dog’s feet with waterproof boots and opting for a less treacherous route will ensure that you and your dog can enjoy the unique scenic beauty snow has to offer.


One thing dog owners will notice about their pet during wintertime is the added grooming requirements, which is primarily brought on by the less desirable weather conditions. Grooming methods can be as easy as trimming the hair between your dog’s toes to avoid dirt build up, as well as a quick towel down after returning from a walk.

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