Top Tips to keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer

Top Tips to keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer

With summer fast approaching, it can be a fun time for both you and your dog. However, with the hot weather rolling in, it’s important to know how to keep your pooch cool and comfortable during this time of year. Here are some tips for ensuring your dog stays happy throughout warmer temperatures:

Keep their water fresh and cool

It goes without saying that your dog needs to keep hydrated, but the water at this time of year should be especially cool. Refiling your pooch’s bowl frequently will mean the water can cool them down effectively. Plus, adding ice cubes is a nice trick for ensuring the water stays colder for longer.

Walk your dog at cooler times of the day

Walking your pooch in summer remains an important task to keep them happy. However, if you aim to walk them either in the morning or in the evening it will be much better for your dog, as the sun is at its lowest and the ground is cooler to step on.

Provide some shelter

Your dog may enjoy sunbathing just as much as you, but prolonged exposure to the sun can cause heatstroke for dogs and so ultimately, your pooch needs a place to chill out in the shade. This could be a shady spot in the garden or a tiled kitchen floor which is cold enough for your dog to relax and cool down.

Paddling pools for your pooch

If your pooch loves water, then dog pools are a wonderful way to keep your dog cool and happy. With pools available from most home stores for a very reasonable price, you can keep your dog safe, whilst also having a fun opportunity to play catch with a ball in the water.

Never leave them alone in the car

Most people will say leaving your dog in the car is fine if the windows are down, however, we recommend never leaving them in the car as it can heat up incredibly quickly. Alongside this, the claustrophobic feel of a car may cause your dog to get overexcited making the chances of dehydration higher.