Top Tips for Travelling with Your Pooch

Top Tips for Travelling with Your Pooch

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, which is why our canine companions are top of our list when choosing a getaway partner this summer. So ditch the kennel fees, pack up your car and head off for a well-deserved country escape with your pooch. Travelling with your dog can be great fun whether you’re alone or with your friends and family, but before you set off make sure you read our tips to keep your pooch safe and happy on the road.

Deanie Gillies' dog Roo Roo enjoys a trip to the seaside.

1.Never leave your dog in a parked car. This is a massive no-go. Even if it doesn’t seem hot to you, your pooch can easily overheat with their fur coat, so make sure you take your dog with you on any service station breaks.

2.Bring a favourite toy. A familiar toy will relax your dog and act as a distraction if they are not the biggest fan of car journeys.

3.Fill up the water supplies. To avoid dehydration, make sure your doggy has lots of water on the journey and take several bottles of fresh, cold water. You can find no spill travel bowls online and at pet supply shops.

4.Feed your dog 2-3 hours before you set off. Give your pooch their Harringtons Rich in Turkey with Veg 2-3 hours before you leave to avoid travel sickness on the journey (and a messy car for you). For longer trips, make sure you’ve packed your Harringtons Training Treats to keep restless behaviour at bay.

5.Prep before you leave. Before departure make sure your pooch has gone to the toilet and had a long walk so that they’re more likely to rest on the road (and pave the way for a peaceful journey).

We’ve also put together a list of our doggy travel must-haves so make sure you tick them off when packing.


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