Top Tips for Preventing Hair Balls

Top Tips for Preventing Hair Balls

There are few things in life that beat a kitty cuddle, and the feeling of nuzzling into your cat’s soft fur. The downside to all that fluffiness is the dreaded hair ball, which is an unpleasant experience for your feline (and not nice for you to clean up either!). To make life easier for everyone, we’ve put together our top tips for beating pesky hair balls.

1.Brush, brush, brush! Properly grooming your cat once a day will drastically reduce hair balls, as well as keeping your house clean from excess fur.

2.Keeping your cat hydrated will prevent fur from building up in the stomach. Make sure you have bowls of fresh, clean water in easy-to-reach spots across the house.

3.Keeping your kitty active and healthy will ensure their coat is in tip-top condition and less likely to shed. Check your cat’s weight and encourage them to run about with cat toys.

4.Instead of two larger meals, feeding your feline little and often can keep the digestive system moving and decrease the chance of a fur build up.

5.Special types of food will help keep hair balls at bay, such as Harringtons Hair Ball Control treats which are specially formulated to combat the problem.

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