Top Tips for Making Your Walk More Exciting

Top Tips for Making Your Walk More Exciting

At Harringtons, we want you to be able to make the most of your dog walks whenever possible. The one thing that’s certain about our pooches is their sense of adventure, zest for life and love of all things fun; so, their walks should follow suit and mimic this. We’ve pulled together our top tips to make sure your next dog walk is anything but mundane.

1. Introduce some extra playtime

This can be the perfect time to let your pooch go wild with a ball or tugging toy that you don’t really want them playing with indoors. We would recommend a ball or Frisbee that their mouth can hold on to easily, but also acts as something that you can throw and get them running some distance. They’ll be getting some extra exercise into their walk, with all the benefits of some bonding time with you.

2. Double up the attention by bringing a friend along

Not only will your dog get some much-needed socialising time, but you’ll also feel the benefit of having someone to chat to and even share walking routes. Even if you don’t know anyone with a dog to bring along on the walk, they can still join you and give your pooch twice the attention.

3. Take a pit stop

This tip could come in handy for those mid-week walks when you’re feeling a little tired, yet still want to get your walk done before teatime. Instead of going out for a 30-minute walk in one go, why not bring the family along and break the walk up by having dinner at a dog-friendly pub along the way; then walking home afterwards. Not only will you feel enthusiastic about going out on the walk to begin with, you’ll arrive home feeling satisfied that you don’t then need to cook dinner!

4. Incorporate obedience training

It might not take a lot for your dog to act up whilst out on a walk; a cat may cross your path, or you might find a group of dogs start barking which sets your pooch off. It can be a really good idea to take some Harringtons training treats along for moments such as these when you need to correct their behaviour, or alternatively reward them for something good.

5. Mix your normal route up

It can become autonomous to stick to the same route on a daily basis, but both you and your pooch will quickly become bored of the same sights and sounds along the way. Next time you’re out on your walk, why not go left instead of right and see where it takes you. Or find a local park that you can explore for half an hour. At the very least, you could reverse your walk and start at what would typically be the end. Just mixing things up can help keep things exciting and a little more spontaneous!

Do you have any tips for making your day-to-day dogwalk a little bit more exciting? We would love you to tell us over on the Harringtons Facebook page!