Top Dog Walking Tips

Top Dog Walking Tips

At Harringtons, we want your dogventure to be as fun and safe as possible for both you and your pooch, so we’ve compiled a list of the best tips to make sure your next walk is exactly that.

1. Be a good canine citizen

Always strive to be respectful to other people, other dogs, other animals, and to the environment.

2. Keep your pooch in sight

If your dog won’t come back when you call him, keep him on lead. This way he can’t run off and get into trouble, protecting both your dog and other pooches out for a leisurely stroll.

3. Respect other dogs

No matter how friendly your dog is, try and keep him at a distance from other dogs who are on a lead. A dog is often on a lead for a reason, so it’s best to stick to boundaries to keep both dogs safe.

4. Respect other people

Most pooches are full of energy and eager to play, but other people aren’t always so keen on entertaining your dog. For example, if you spot joggers and cyclists, and your dog tries to chase them, make sure you keep him on lead so he doesn’t bother them.

5. Do your walk right

There are usually rules around where you can walk your dog, how many dogs you can walk, whether they can be off-lead, and dog fouling. Make sure you’re up to date with the laws in your area, either by asking your local council or visiting

6. Identify your dog

Your pooch must have legal ID whenever you’re walking him in a public space. This means he should be wearing a collar and a tag with details of your name, full address, and postcode. You can add your phone number too, but this isn’t a legal requirement.

7. Be prepared

When you embark on your dogventure, make sure you’re prepared for anything and everything. Take a mobile phone, don’t forget poo bags, treats and toys, and if you are going somewhere you don’t know, pack a map. We recommend a physical one, as the mobile coverage in some parts of the UK is surprisingly patchy.

8. Bag it and bin it

Always clean up after your dog, that way we can keep our public spaces clean and tidy and everyone can enjoy the outdoors harmoniously.

9. Keep the peace

Close all gates (and check them twice), mend anything you break, and leave everything as you found it. There are lots of lovely places for you and your pooch to explore, and we want to make sure others can do the same after you.

10. Have fun!

Walking with your dog is a great way to bond with him and has proven health benefits for both owner and pooch. Dog walks also give us the chance to explore the countryside and see things we would otherwise miss. Be mindful and conscious, but above all, have fun.

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