The Key to Healthy Gums

The Key to Healthy Gums

Know the warning signs

Knowing what to look out for and spotting problems early can save you a lot of issues in the long run. A healthy mouth should be pink, however if you notice any red inflammation then your pooch may have a touch of Gingivitis. Alternatively, pale white gums could be a sign of Anaemia, so it’s best to keep regular check-ups booked in – even if your pooch appears happy and healthy.

Chew toys


Having the right tools

When brushing your dog’s teeth, it’s important to use specially formulated ‘pet toothpaste’, as they lack the ability to spit and need a toothpaste that won’t foam. Some can even come in special flavours such as beef and liver to give your pooch an extra tasty treat.

Starting a routine

Getting into a good routine with your pooch is important but brushing your dog’s teeth once a day is ideal but not always realistic. Aim for at least three to four times a week to keep the gums healthy and this will ensure your pooch is not distressed and is used to having their teeth brushed. It is recommended to ease them into the process by first starting by rubbing your finger over the teeth, before moving on to the brush.

It’s all in the food

Harrington’s Daily Dental Bones will keep your pooch happy, whilst also being rich in calcium and formulated with a crunch to keep gums healthy.