The 5 Different Types of Dog Owner

The 5 Different Types of Dog Owner

Forget crazy cat ladies, dog owners can be the most devoted, pet obsessed and slightly bonkers of them all! Despite very different habits and hobbies, one thing these doggy parents have in common is big love for their pooches and puppies. Take a look at the different types of dog owners below and see if you recognise any.

1.The Sporty One: Often seen out with their pooch in gym gear, these dog owners think of their pet as more of an exercise buddy and see walkies as an opportunity for cardio. They put other dog owners to shame with their throwing skills in the park and their pets are likely to be well trained and most definitely not allowed on furniture.

2.The High Maintenance One: They’ve created an Instagram account for their pup and have bought them an Argyll sweater to match their own. This type of dog owner pampers their pooch to the extreme and is even likely to attend dog yoga classes with their little pooch-princess.

3.The Country Loving One: This type of dog owner loves the outdoors and can be found walking their dog through muddy fields in their well-worn wax jacket. Dog hair doesn’t faze them and poo bags can be found in every jacket, coat or trouser pocket.

4.The My-dog-is-my-child One: These dog owners are like over-protective parents in the park and like to keep strange dogs away from their baby. They have a family portrait with their dog hung above their fireplace and hold birthday parties for their pooch.

5.The Dog Expert One: Never short of advice to give or a product to suggest, these dog parents seem to have read every pet care book and tested every toy, collar and pet food. Their pooch is on a special diet and they always seem to have the latest doggy gadget and toy.

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