Meet The Dogventurers: Part II

Meet The Dogventurers: Part II

Recently we introduced you to the first half of our dog walking experts, who have each created their own unique dogventure for you to enjoy as part of our Walkies on the Wild Side campaign with Ben Fogle. Now it’s time to meet the second half – and remember, don’t forget to send us your snaps if you go on one of the walks!

1. Harley & Raffles

Dog’s names, age and breed: Harley, 9 and Raffles 1, both cocker spaniels
Dog’s likes and dislikes:Harley loves food, people and investigating sniffs on walks.He dislikes loud bangs, especially fireworks.Raffles likes playing fetch, meeting other dogs and chasing cats and birds.So far, there’s nothing he doesn’t like except bananas.
Favourite type of walks: Their favourite walks are those where they can run free, stop and sniff and investigate.They love a large grassy area, a river or pond to take a dip in and plenty of muddy puddles to splash around. Logs and tree branches to jump on and over, running after a ball and meeting other dogs.

2. Cockapoo Marley

Dog’s name, age and breed: Marley is a two-year-old cockapoo, a mix of a miniature poodle and a show cocker spaniel
Dog’s likes and dislikes: She loves any trip in the car as this means we’re going on an adventure, whether that means we’re going to one of the local coffee shops or were going for a walk. as soon as she sees fields she begins uncontrollably shaking with excitement. Marley’s hatred of the hoover is comical, she will dive under the bed and not come out until enticed with food. (chicken works a treat)
Favourite type of walks: Marley loves going on adventures, particularly in the countryside. The muddier the better in her opinion. Marley also loves the beach, especially when she gets to tumble down the sand dunes. She chases the seagulls with such determination like she really feels she could catch one… of course she never does.

3. Capture by Lucy

Dog’s name, age and breed: Mabel and Moose, 10 years old, both Westies.
Dog’s likes and dislikes: Both love setting up some cushions for a warm, cosy nap. Dislikes water.
Favourite type of walks: the beach with grassy sand banks at Mudeford is their ultimate treat, preferably after a lazy morning.

4. Spaniel Life

Dog’s name, age and breed: Severus, 4 years old and Lily, 2 years old. Both working cocker spaniels.
Dog’s likes and dislikes: Severus loves people and eating anything. Dislikes being alone, whereas Lily loves tennis balls and dislikes motorbikes. They both love the water, and visiting the beach is the best day out. However, they love the woodland to run and jump and all the smells.
Favourite type of walks: Anywhere with open spaces for them to chase each other.

For all the information you’ll need on each of our walks, head over to and make sure you send us your snaps if you try out a walk!