Meet The Dogventurers: Part I

Meet The Dogventurers: Part I

We’ve recently launched our new campaign called Walkies on The Wild Side with Ben Fogle and eight other dog walking experts. Each expert has each created a unique dogventure that will transform the way you think about dog walking in the UK and turn your everyday walk into a true adventure. Now to introduce you to the first half of the team, so that you can find the perfect dogventure for you and your pooch!

1. Walking Scotland

Dog’s name, age and breed: Zac, he is 4 years old and is a Cockapoo (mixed breed Spaniel/Poodle)
Dog’s likes and dislikes: Likes hill walking and long walks as Cockapoos are known to be very energetic. Dislikes when I pack my gear to go away for the weekend and he can't join in on the adventure.
Favourite type of walks: Hill walking, camping and kayaking. Zac has been on the summit of 35 Munros (Mountains over 3000ft in Scotland) and to some very remote places.

2. Lucy Fitness

Dog’s name, age and breed: Gatsby is 6 and he is a border collie.
Dog’s likes and dislikes: Playing hide and seek either with me or with toys or treats. He really loves going out running and on adventures. Gatsby dislikes fireworks and swimming.
Favourite type of walks: Gatsby loves the mountains. He has a little adventure harness and a light and really likes exploring new places. Gatsby is a little bit frightened of water but enjoys playing on the beach and is now brave enough to paddle in the sea. His favourite walks are first thing in the morning as he is often the first dog out to explore new smells and plants.

3. Sean Conway

Dog’s name and breed: Lord Shackleton Jr. Conway. Lakeland Terrier.
Dog’s likes and dislikes: Likes leaves: Eating them. Playing in them, falling asleep on dad’s lap and running in long grass. Dislikes walking in the rain and not being allowed to go running with dad because I’m still a pup.
Favourite type of walks: Shackleton (Lakeland terriers generally) has great stamina, he loves climbing and digging, so walks in the forests with lots of leaves where he can burrow and explore.

4. Tales of Ted

Dog’s name, age and breed: Ted is an 8-month old fox red Labrador.
Dog’s likes and dislikes: His biggest love is food and he loves it when we give him a Harrington’s treat for when he’s been a good boy! As much as he is active, he also loves his down time and having a chill out with us in the evenings - sometimes he watches the TV with us, too. Our automatic bin and the hoover!
Favourite type of walks: He enjoys nothing more than dashing to the water whether it’s a river, lake, reservoir or puddle whilst out on a walk.

Keep an eye out for ‘Meet our dogventurers: Part II’ shortly! For all the information you’ll need on each of our walks, head over to and make sure you send us your snaps if you try out a walk!