How many treats should a dog have?

How many treats should a dog have?

Dogs and their diets

Dogs love a treat and often if they’re combining it with an overall balanced diet and lots of exercise there’s no reason to avoid them, but, how many is too many? 

The general rule is that treats should not make up more than ten percent of your dog’s daily calorie intake, but it’s pretty easy to exceed that if you’re not checking! 

What’s the problem with a lot of treats?

Much like with people, treats are fun and dogs love them just as much, if not more, then we do. Of course, everything in moderation though. Too many treats can be bad for our dogs too, for reasons including: 

  • Weight gain (this can be bad for overall health, pressure on joints and organs)
  • Deficiencies - too many treats may mean your dog doesn’t eat enough fo the good stuff and ends up lacking in important nutrients 
  • Gastrointestinal issues 

When treats are a good idea

Treats have a place, you don’t have to deny your furry friend, you just have to be mindful of keeping them to a set amount and ensuring your dog is getting all the other vitamins and nutrients it needs from its main meals. 

Treats are great for training and rewards and can be instrumental in helping dogs learn. They can also be used in puzzle balls to help keep your dog stimulated and occupied. 

What kind of treats are the right kind?

Treats are treats for a reason and mass produced, cheap treats can be very high in fat and lack the quality you give to your dog via their main meals - which is why it is important to know what’s in your dog’s treats and snacks! 

Treats can be tasty without being terrible for your dog, but even then you should be limiting them. Our Fresh Bakes use human-grade, quality ingredients that ensure they are geared towards supporting your dog’s diet and have a higher meat content, as well as being grain-free, to ensure they are gentler on your dog’s gut and easily digestible. And our Meaty Treats range have a high meat content, with meat being the number one ingredient and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.