Behind the scenes of our latest TV advert starring Yorkshire Terry

Behind the scenes of our latest TV advert starring Yorkshire Terry

At Harringtons, we're always excited to bring our beloved furry friends into the spotlight, and our latest TV advert is no exception. Yorkshire Terry has pulled together a band of his mates to celebrate Harringtons achieving the blinking impossible: natural food with fresh meat ingredients that won't break the bank! We had loads of fun filming the advert, so read on for a sneak peek into how we created a chuffin' miracle. 

Setting the Stage

To create the perfect backdrop for our advert, we needed a proper film set. One particular scene required us to squeeze a full-sized car onto the set. It might sound like a challenge, but we were determined to make it work. Our talented team of set designers and builders meticulously crafted a set that accommodated the car seamlessly, ensuring that every detail was just right.

Making it Rain Kibble

The idea at the heart of this advert is that it is miraculous that Harringtons can offer such tasty, quality food at an affordable price, or “Posh Nosh at a Proper Price” as our Spokes -dog Terry would say. And what could be more miraculous to dogs than Harringtons Kibble rain? Achieving this effect required special equipment and careful planning. We used clever rigs and expertly timed releases to make sure our kibble shower looked absolutely perfect on camera.

The Doggy Cast

Of course, no Harringtons advert is complete without our four-legged stars. On set that day, we had an array of dogs ready to shine in the spotlight. While it was an absolute delight to have so many canine companions, it also presented a unique challenge. Dogs can be easily distracted, especially when surrounded by the irresistible aroma of Harringtons pet food! 

Malton: The Food Capital of Yorkshire

Many of you might recognize some of the charming locations in our advert. We wanted to include some of the gorgeous scenery in Malton, the food capital of Yorkshire, so we captured footage of the picturesque streets and stunning landscapes to use in the background. We think this added an authentic Yorkshire touch to our commercial, making it even more special - and we hope that you agree!

Waste Not, Want Not

At Harringtons, we're committed to sustainability and responsible production. While we had an abundance of delicious Harringtons pet food on set for the day, we made sure to waste as little as possible. Our commitment to giving back to the community is at the forefront of our values. Therefore, all the food from the day was donated to local animal charities, ensuring that no furry friend goes hungry.

From the careful set design to the incredible teamwork of our crew, every aspect of our new TV advert was infused with passion for pets. We hope you enjoy watching the advert as much as we enjoyed making it. Keep an eye out for the charming locations in Malton, and remember, when you choose Harringtons, you're feeding your pet great quality natural food that's affordable for all!