Behind the Scenes: Creating Our Purr-fect Wet Cat Food TV Advert

Behind the Scenes: Creating Our Purr-fect Wet Cat Food TV Advert

At Harringtons, we're committed to delivering the best nutrition for your beloved pet. So, we're excited to share a sneak peek into the making of our new wet cat food TV advert, which is all about making naturally meatier meals for your favourite feline!

It was an unusual morning in September when our team gathered in a studio in Salford, all knowing that today was going to be unique. Why? Because we were about to film a cat and a mouse, and not just any cat and mouse – we were bringing a classic Tom and Jerry-style adventure to life.

Now, we all know cats love to hunt, so what better way to capture that spirit than through a playful advert featuring a cunning cat and a mischievous mouse? But our leading lady, Tabitha the cat, wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of a cat-and-mouse chase because she was too busy savouring her meaty bowl of Harringtons. Her focus on our delicious cat food made for an interesting challenge as we prepared for the first shot.

As they say, "It's like trying to herd cats," and we couldn't help but wonder if we were in for a long day. To our relief, our feline star turned out to be a true professional. She gracefully strolled across the set and began to savor her bowl of Harringtons. In no time, the irresistible taste had her feeling sleepy, and she retreated to her cosy dressing room.

Working with pets on set is a delightful experience, and it's essential to ensure their wellbeing. Our leading lady had her parent, talent agent, and even a vet on standby, ensuring her every need was met during the filming process.

One of the more challenging aspects of the shoot was capturing her sassy, evil eyes as she engaged in a playful stare-down with Mick the Mouse, who was expertly taunting her. Enticing her attention with treats and captivating her gaze with toys, we managed to get the perfect shots, giving our advert the playful charm we had envisioned.

The first half of the day had been a breeze compared to the second half, as Mick the Mouse made his grand entrance onto the stage, delivering his teasing lines and leading up to the climactic ending. To our surprise, we discovered that training a mouse, even for a short commercial shoot, is no small feat. However, with patience and determination, we managed to get all the takes we needed.

After a full day of hard work, we finally had all the footage we needed. Now, it was time for our editing crew and voice-over artists to work their magic and bring our whimsical cat-and-mouse adventure to life.

Our new wet cat food TV advert is a testament to the creativity and dedication of our team, as well as the professionalism of our four-legged and whiskered stars. And don't worry, our cat and mouse weren't filmed at the same time, so Mick was never in any real danger - especially with a tasty bowl of Harringtons on set!