Am I feeding my dog a healthy diet?

Am I feeding my dog a healthy diet?

As devoted pet parents, we all share a common concern: are we feeding our furry companions the healthiest diet possible? It's a question that echoes in our minds, and rightfully so, as our dogs' well-being depends largely on the nutrition they receive.


At Harringtons, we understand the importance of providing natural, balanced meals for your four-legged friends. That's why we constantly work hard to produce high quality meals at affordable prices, giving your pet the best start in life.

Quality Ingredients:

The foundation of any nutritious dog food lies in its ingredients. We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients, and locally sourcing ingredients where possible that meet stringent standards. We carefully select each component to guarantee a well-balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Our commitment to quality ensures that your dog receives the essential nutrients needed for optimal health, energy, and vitality.

No Artificial Nasties:

Just like you, we believe in providing our pets with no added artificial additives, preservatives, and colourings. We're committed to natural ingredients that not only support your dog's overall health but also contribute to a shinier coat, healthier skin, and improved digestion.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition:

Our range of pet food is designed to offer complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our recipes are carefully crafted to meet the specific dietary needs of dogs at different life stages, from playful puppies to wise seniors. With the right blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, our dog food supports muscle development, joint health, and overall vitality.

Digestive Health:

A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of your dog's well-being. We've incorporated dietary fibres and prebiotics to support optimal digestion, helping to maintain a healthy gut flora, reducing the risk of digestive issues and ensuring that your dog absorbs essential nutrients efficiently.

Joint Support:

As our canine companions age, joint health becomes a crucial aspect of their overall well-being. Our senior recipes include ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility. Our formulations provide the necessary support to keep them active and comfortable.

Flavours Your Dog Will Love:

What good is nutritious dog food if your furry friend won't eat it? Harringtons is not only packed with essential nutrients but also tastes delicious. Our carefully crafted recipes ensure that mealtime is a delightful experience, making it easier for you to provide the nutrition your dog needs.


Choosing the right dog food is a crucial decision for every pet parent. At Harringtons, we understand the responsibility that comes with nourishing your dog, and we take pride in delivering high-quality, nutritious, natural meals.


With our commitment to natural ingredients, complete and balanced nutrition, and a taste your dog will love, you can rest assured that you are providing the best for your furry family member. Shop the range in selected stores and online now.