5 Surprising Superfoods For Your Pooch

5 Surprising Superfoods For Your Pooch

With most of our colleagues, friends and family on a health kick this January, the term ‘superfood’ might not be so alien to you at this point. However, did you know that there are a range of these nutrient-rich foods that benefit our dog’s health more than you would first think?

1. Eggs

Not only are eggs one of the best sources of highly digestible protein, but they’re also bursting with amino acids (the body’s building blocks) and rich in vitamins and nutrients that help the eyes, brain and heart. Eggs can also help your pooch if they’re suffering from a loss of appetite, as it helps to soothe anything going on below the surface.

2. Bananas

We all know that eating a banana a day can give us a boost of potassium and vitamin C, but this is also true for our pooches. They’re also full of amino acids, and the natural sugars metabolise quickly, meaning they get an instant boost of energy for their next adventure.

3. Carrots

This crunchy snack is high in beta-carotene which helps our pooches to see better in the dark, and also helps protect eyes against cataracts. A large carrot may be too much for a little dog, so try cutting them into manageable chunks, or opt for baby carrots for a more digestible snack.

4. Sweet Potato

The next time you make your own sweet potato for tea, why not add in a little extra for your pooch to enjoy with theirs! This superfood is rich in dietary fibre, contains antioxidants that helps to prevent cancer and can even fight the effects of aging.

5. Sardines

Not only are sardines packed with vitamin B12 and omega-3 oils, they’re also a great protein and vitamin D source. This makes them ideal for active dogs, so the next time you take your pooch out for a long walk, make sure you give them a little snack to keep their energy up before-hand.

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