5 Fun-filled Family Adventures for you and your Dog

5 Fun-filled Family Adventures for you and your Dog

We lead incredibly busy lives, balancing work with family life, a social life and everything else that’s going on day to day. It’s important to take a step back sometimes and just get away. 

There’s no better feeling than packing everything into the car and heading out to your next family adventure. It’s even better when everyone in the family can join, including your dog; that’s why we’ve listed our favourite pooch-friendly adventures and activities around the UK for you to explore.

1. Go for a hike

There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors, heading off on a walk and taking in a deep breath of fresh air - whether it’s in the countryside or by the sea - whatever takes your fancy! It releases endorphins, boosts your energy and relieves stress, all at the same time and for free! 

The UK has some of the world’s most stunning scenery to explore, you’re sure to find hiking trails locally or even a short drive away that will be a picture-perfect backdrop to your adventures. Simply searching online for ‘hiking routes near me,’ should bring up some great options for you to choose from, or alternatively, check out The National Trust’s site for dog-walking routes across the regions, you’re sure to find the right route for you!


2. Plan a day at the beach

As well as our stunning countryside, the UK is also home to miles of beautiful coastline, a perfect place for a day out with the family. Pack a picnic, take some towels and head to the beach where you can play in the surf, watch the waves crash and build sandcastles. It’s the perfect place for your pooch to play fetch, bury the ball and snooze in the shade. Just be sure you check ahead to make sure it’s a dog-friendly beach, and as always, make sure you clean up after your dog to avoid any fines, keeping the space nice and clean for other visitors. The Beach Guide has an extensive list of the country’s best beaches that are dog-friendly, you’re sure to find a great spot!


3. Go camping 

Camping is a great way to escape, switch off and reconnect with nature. Leave the digital devices at home, pack up and head to a dog-friendly campsite where you, your family and your pooch can relax, explore and enjoy eachothers company. Not only will it be a great digital-detox, and a chance to discover somewhere new, it’s also a great chance to try outdoor activities like canoeing, rambling or even rock climbing! Once you’ve got your tent set up, and you’ve made a base for yourselves, you’ll be cooking up a storm beside a roaring campfire and singing songs in no time.


4. Take on a challenge

For those looking for something a little more challenging but with a great sense of achievement, try tackling one of the UK’s many walking challenges - like the Yorkshire three peaks or making it to the summit of Ben Nevis. With a range of options to suit different abilities and distances, iNews published a list of 25 walking challenges you could work your way through. More advanced challenges like this are more suitable to bigger dogs who can manage long distances better, but you could adapt some of them to be shorter routes should you want to.


5. Go on a road trip

Get out on the open road on a fun adventure for all the family. Plan ahead and pick one with plenty of places to stop off and explore, and make sure you’re not in the car too long without giving your pooch a toilet break and a chance to stretch their legs. If you plan on making the trip last over a few days, be sure you check the places you’re staying are dog-friendly, or alternatively use a motorhome / tents and stay at campsites where dogs are welcome. 

All that exploring will be hungry work!

Be sure your dog has plenty of food and water to keep their energy up and refuel after their adventures!

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