5 Activities to Keep Your Cat Content

5 Activities to Keep Your Cat Content

Cats are inquisitive and playful by nature, but they’re also known for how much they love to chill out! No matter what mood your kitty is in, we have five great activities to keep them happy and entertained.

1.Scratch posts

Scratch posts are a must for kitties, especially if you want to keep your favourite armchair in perfect condition. You can buy them at any pet store, online, and even in the supermarket. They range in price, from a basic pole available for just £8.99, to more expensive tower-like structures.


Teasers are great fun for both you and your cat, providing hours of fun and engaging your kitty’s instinct to hunt and chase. Lasers are also an alternative, and both can be found in pet stores or even made at home. For more information on DIY cat toys, check out our latest tutorial.

3.Feeding balls

Feeding balls are a great way to regulate your kitty’s food intake and keep them fit and entertained at the same time. Simply put their food inside the ball and watch them roll it around to release their treats! A healthy cat is a happy cat, so why not combine food, play, and exercise to make sure your kitty is content.


Yes, you read that right! Music provides many therapeutic benefits for your kitty and can be a great bonding activity. Research suggests that they prefer classical music, so see how your cat responds to Bach or Mozart.

5.Bird watching

This works for both indoor and outdoor cats and is fun and stimulating for their mental wellbeing. Place your kitty on a windowsill or take them into the garden; they will be endlessly entertained by the outside world. If you have an aquarium, kitties love to peer inside and follow the fish, just make sure they don’t get too close!

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