The best views ...are for sharing!


From lush rolling hills to the lapping of the waves against the shore – there are some amazing sights to discover when you’re out walking your dog in the great outdoors. Our brand TV advert celebrates spending time with your dog-loving friends, and sharing the experience of stepping into nature with your dog running alongside you.

We’re on a mission to uncover the best views people share with their friends and their dogs, and to help inspire others to discover a new view! Share a photo of your favourite view and tell us where you found it and we’ll add it to our map.

Your favourite dog walks...

Click on a pin on the map to reveal the view. Let us know if you’ve visited any of these beauty spots with your dog-loving friends on the Harringtons Facebook page.

Here’s some of our favourites...

Enjoy a stroll through the lush countryside in the heart of Yorkshire

East Morton, Yorkshire

Discover dramatic views at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales

Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire

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