Our Mission: meat first mealtimes.


At Harringtons, we’re passionate about complete, balanced food that’s packed with all the important natural nutrients and proteins your dog needs.

That means meat comes first for a delicious taste and then the all-important vitamins and minerals to promote healthy and happy dogs!


Our new and improved complete dog food is now even more tempting and delicious for even the fussiest of dogs! With vital proteins and gentle carbohydrates, our balanced foods are the ideal meal to boost digestive health and make sure your dog has lots of energy!

We believe great food should be accessible for every dog, which is why we’re proud to offer this improved recipe, but at the same great affordable price!


Each flavour in our range is a complete, balanced and tasty meal for your dog, which means you don’t need to worry about supplements, you can spend more time thinking about that next big walk! We lovingly make our food in our own purpose-built base in beautiful North Yorkshire and all of our ingredients are locally sourced where possible.

You can choose by flavour, age and stage to make sure whatever your dog needs it gets from one of our tasty flavours. Our fantastic meat-first recipe is designed with you and your dog in mind - we care about great taste and great value.


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How has the recipe changed?

Don’t worry, it’s the same great food your dog loves, but with an improved recipe. Our kibble is now ‘meat first’ making sure your dog gets all the proteins it needs. We’ve also added more rice for better digestive health. If your dog was already eating our Harringtons recipe kibble, then they’ll love this!

Will the new recipe mean higher pricing?

We believe in great value food that your dog will love. We’ve improved the recipe but have no intention of charging more for our complete, tasty kibble.

Will the recipe change upset my dog’s stomach?

No, so please don’t worry. If your dog was already enjoying Harringtons then they will not notice any change. If you’re switching to this product from a totally different brand, we recommend a phased approach over 10-14 days, gradually adding in more of the new food and reducing the old.

Why does my packaging not reflect the new recipe?

We’re in the process of updating all of our packaging to reflect the yummy changes we’ve made. Please be assured your dog is still getting all the same great and improved kibble in every bag!

Does the new recipe apply to the whole range?

Yes, the improved recipe is now being used across the whole range of our dry dog food range.