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Supports Joint Structure

‌Improves Stiff Joints

Maintains Joint Mobility

In partnerhip with from The Yorkshire Vet

Harringtons Advanced Joint Supplements for Dogs.

Vets endorsed, naturally enhanced, tailored supplements for adult and senior dogs.


    Tess seems to like them she is an 11 year old Collie x Springer so quite active despite now having diabetes and being natural ingredients she has a couple a day after her insulin

    Jackie R.


    Only had these for a short while, but my dog’s back legs are definitely less wobbly. A big plus point for me is that my elderly dog likes them! He would not eat those hard tablets from another brand. I wrapped them in sausages , ground them into a powder, nothing worked. He thinks these are a treat, so they must taste nice. Will most definitely be buying more.

    Louise H.

  • ‌SO FAR SO GOOD...

    My old boy has degeneration of his spine/spinal cord and as a result is loosing control of the back end.. this resulted in him getting stuff joints and honestly after a few weeks of these he's more agile. I didn't think these would help I was willing to try and they are definitely improving the situation. He can climb the stairs again.. he's still wobbly theres no fixing that but seems to be less reluctant to move so they must be easing joints and pain. Happy with purchase and definitely recommend.

    Marie l.


    It is a tasty, good supplement, Aliz like it and it keeps her moving and chasing things easily.

    Eva A.


    Switched from or old supplements for the old boys to these and I’m glad we did. They are so much tastier for them, (my boyfriend was nearly tempted to try one, they smell that good!) and smaller and have much more packed into them.

    Georgia P.

  • EASE

    My dog will take them as treats no need to hide them in food.

    Melanie W.

Vitamin C and E

To help maintain joint mobility

Hyaluronic acid

To help lubricate and cushion the joints

Glucosamine and magnese

To support collagen formation in the cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Green-lipped Mussel

For a high source of Omega 3

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