Join Ben Fogle on a wind in the willows inspired adventure and turn your dog walk into a new sensory exploration for your pooch.


Ben’s walk starts at Hobbs of Henley and follows the stunning route of a tow path alongside the River Thames..


This dogventure overlooks the beautiful views of the River Thames, a true hive of activity that will excite both owner and dog.

The river is the home of rowing, so you’ll probably walk alongside Britain’s next Olympic hopefuls, or maybe you’ll even bump into the odd gold medallist.

The route starts off at Hobbs of Henley, a few minutes from the train station, and follows a footpath alongside the south side of the Thames. Keep an eye out for little foot bridges to cross and a wooded area for your dog to explore the various textures.

When the weather is warm, you and your dog can go for a paddle or a row in the water as an excellent water therapy for your pooch. In cooler conditions, you may wish to rent a boat to explore the water and sail down the Thames, to rest your feet after a long stroll.

Along the river you will come across a mixture of smells both rural and countryside, and don’t forget to keep your eye open for livestock as well as ducks, swans and geese.

The scenic walk takes approximately one hour to complete, unless you wish to turn the walk into a longer trip and rent a canoe to see the sights on water.

On the dogventure keep a lookout for:

  • - Local fisherman
  • - Boaters and canoers along the Thames
  • - Swan and Geese
  • - The Little Angel pub
  • - The Gloriana royal barge

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