Post-Lockdown Changes to Dog Behaviour

Advice from Harringtons

What if my dog is scared of strangers/visitors?

This may be the case if your dog was a puppy during lockdown and you haven’t been able to socialise them due to the rules.  Although they will probably have had a degree of social interaction whilst on your walks, visitors to the house or you taking your dog to other people’s houses may be overwhelming for them. If you live in a quiet area and you haven’t seen many other dog walkers, especially during your puppy’s natural socialisation period (up to 16 weeks), then he/she may show signs of fear when new people approach or arrive.

Please remember that aggression towards people in these cases should not be punished – your dog is reacting naturally to something that they aren’t used to, and punishment is likely to make the associations worse.

If your dog is showing aggression, we would advise that you contact an accredited behaviourist as this type of problem needs to be addressed in particular ways to for the best chance of a good outcome.  Find your nearest professional behaviourist at