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At Pet Club, we’re thrilled to have partnered with Peter Wright from Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet. As a Pet Club member, you’ll get exclusive access to his specially curated video content.

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Meet Peter

Say ‘hello’ to our Pet Club partner — none other than Peter Wright from the Yorkshire vet! He’s here to share his expertise with Pet Club owners, with advice, hints and tips for looking after and feeding your dog.

Your questions, answered

Health niggles

Dental issues, panting, shaking, worming and canine emotions — let’s explore some of those key health issues your dog may experience, as well as the ways in which you can help.

Why does my dog eat grass?

You’re enjoying walkies with your dog, but they seem rather distracted, and can’t seem to help but want to nibble on the grass. What’s the reason behind this behaviour, and what should I do?

Adult dog food

You've been to the local rescue centre and you've decided to bring home a new four-legged friend. Here’s The Yorkshire Vet’s advice when looking for adult dog food for your new companion.

Older overweight dogs

As our once-young pups get a bit older, the risk of obesity grows and our dogs can become a little ‘fluffier’. Why is this, and what can be done to keep our golden oldies in the best of health?

What’s the strangest item a dog has eaten?

As a veterinary surgeon with years of experience, who better to ask this question than The Yorkshire Vet? Here’s his lowdown on some of the weirdest things he’s seen dogs eat…

Feeding a puppy

Those formative first few months and years are crucial. Here’s a few important thoughts from Peter on your pup’s nutrition — the bedrock of its health and wellbeing.

Why do I need to worm my dog?

It’s something pet owners know needs to be done, but the topic might be a bit of a mystery. Peter explains the different types of worm, how dogs get them and the importance of regular worming.

A dog’s dental and gum issues

Keeping on top of oral health is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Save a trip to the vet by using Peter’s top tips for a healthy dog smile and guarding against periodontal disease.

Why does my dog pant?

We’re all familiar with the sight of our dogs with their tongues out, but what exactly is the reason for panting, and why do we often see our older four-legged friends panting more?

Why does a dog shiver?

Dogs shake when they’re cold — just like us — but there can be deeper reasons why our beloved friends might shiver. The Yorkshire Vet tells all.

Is my dog happy?

From puppyhood through to their golden years, we want all the happiness in the world for our dogs. Canine emotions can be complex — can they be sad? How can I spot a happy dog?

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