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Top tips for keeping your pet safe and happy around fireworks

Although lots of people love to watch the explosions of colour shimmering across the night sky, pets can find fireworks very distressing. Here are some top tips for keeping your dogs, cats or small animals safe and happy during firework season. 

How to keep dogs calm during fireworks:

  • Walk your dog when it’s light, avoiding times where fireworks are likely to be going off. Try to time their pre-bed toilet trip for when the fireworks have stopped so they’re not spooked just before they need to go to sleep.
  • Build a safe place for them to hide in, making it comfortable with blankets and their favourite toy. Avoid closing and locking the door, either of their crate or in a room on their own, as this may add to their stress. 
  • Keeping all the windows and doors closed and drawing the curtains can help muffle the sudden sounds of fireworks and stops any sudden flashes spooking your pooch. It also makes your house escape-proof if your fluffy friend panics and tries to run away. Make sure your dog is microchipped and their details are all up to date just in case they do manage to get out. 
  • Create a calm atmosphere with classical music or turn the television up to help drown out the noise outside. You could also try playing white noise when they’re going to sleep, as although it’s illegal to set fireworks off after 11pm normally and midnight on Bonfire night, unfortunately not everyone sticks to those timings!
  • Stay calm - if you’re acting anxious about the fireworks upsetting your dog, they’re likely to pick up on it and get worried themselves. Try to act as normally as possible, playing with them like you typically would whilst distracting them from what’s going on outside. 
  • Give your dog a fun activity to keep them distracted. Whether it’s a tasty chew toy or puzzle game, giving them something to focus their attention on will help them ignore any loud noises from nearby fireworks. 
  • If your dog is still stressed out by fireworks, your vet may be able to offer some specialist training tips or calming medication to keep their anxiety under control, please seek their advice before giving your dog any kind of medicinal treatment.