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DIY Cat Toy

The Treat Rattle

This feline friendly toy is sure to capture your cat’s attention, keeping even the most curious kitties occupied!

What you’ll need:


  • 1.Fold one end of the toilet paper roll inside, creating a semi closed end
  • 2.Place several treats inside
  • 3.Fold the other end of the roll creating another semi-closed end

Now your cat will be entertained for hours!

The Cat Nip Kicker

Got an odd sock that’s ready to be thrown? This D.I.Y trick will help you find its purpose.

What you’ll need:

  • 1.A sock
  • 2.Scissors
  • 3.Catnip


  • 1.Open the sock and put some cat nip inside
  • 2.Tie the top of the sock into a knot
  • 3.Enjoy watching your cat being entertained by trying to get the cat nip out the sock!

The Felt Wand

Your kitty will go crazy for this easy felt wand DIY. Simply dangle it in front of them, or run it along the floor and give them hours of fun.

What you’ll need:

  • 1.A dowel rod (your local DIY store or garden centre will have these)
  • 2.A medium piece of felt or flannel
  • 3.Piece of string
  • 4.Scissors


  • 1.Create a dent 1 inch down from the top of the dowel rod with your scissors
  • 2.Cut your felt into long strips, gather and tie together at the top using your string
  • 3.Take the other end of your string and tie 4 or 5 times to your dowel rod

This toy is great for every cat, especially sedentary felines to give them a little extra exercise and mental stimulation. Always ensure that you put this toy out of reach once you are finished playing, as curious kitties can get in a lot of trouble if they get tangled in the string.

If you try any of these ideas, we would love to see pictures of your kitty and their new toys! Simply share them with us on the Harringtons Facebook page.