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5 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Safe and Healthy this Autumn

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, the autumn season brings with it new things that cat owners need to be aware of. The changing environment means an increased risk to your pet’s wellbeing and safety, so it is important to know what the end of summer means for your feline. Take a look at our tips for ensuring your fluffy friend stays happy and healthy this autumn.

  1. The start of November means Bonfire Night and fireworks, and this can be a distressing time for your cat. Keep your pet inside and close all doors, windows and curtains to reduce noise and ensure they remain in the house. Using the television or radio as background noise will also help, and lots of cuddles will comfort your kitty. Additionally pheromone plug-in diffusers are available to help reduce your pet’s anxiety and should be used in the couple of weeks leading up to fireworks season.
  2. Turning up the central heating creates a warm indoor environment that is perfect for fleas to breed and hatch. Make sure you are clued up on flea prevention and treatment during autumn and are ready to act quickly if you spot any symptoms.
  3. Colder weather means car anti-freeze now poses a danger to cats, who are attracted to a substance in antifreeze and will drink it if they have the chance. Make sure you clean up any spills and keep kitties away when working on your car.
  4. Rock salt can also cause lots of problems and can be picked up in gritted snow, so wipe your feline’s paws if you think they’ve come into contact with any. Be sure to ring the vet if you think your pet has swallowed either of these and notice any unusual symptoms.
  5. Cats can get less exercise in the colder months so you may need to adjust their food intake to avoid any unhealthy weight gain. You and your family may be indulging more in the autumn months but this doesn’t mean your cat should be too! It is also important make sure there is lots of fresh water available inside.

What tips do you have for keeping your cat safe in autumn? Let us know over on the Harringtons Facebook page.