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5 Steps to a Happy and Healthy Kitten

It’s an exciting time for anyone to bring home a new family member, especially when they’re a bundle of fur! The first few weeks are crucial to making sure your kitten is healthy and happy, but with our top tips this shouldn’t be a stressful time.

Preparation is key

A carrier is the first vital tool you will need. An enclosed space will help ease your kitten and make them feel safe on the journey home, as well as a blanket with your scent to get them familiar with your smell. Once you’re home, provide your kitten with a quiet area with a bed, food, water, and litter tray giving them a safe sanctuary to escape when they need a moment to themselves.

Diet and nutrition

Harringtons Kitten Complete biscuits can be softened with water while they are still small, then reducing the water amount gradually so your kitten is eating dry food as a fully-grown cat by 4 months.


Your kitten will start their first vaccination course at 8-9 weeks old, then will receive another vaccination 3-4 weeks later. This will protect your kitten from potentially fatal infections. A yearly booster will also be required to ensure your kitten remains protected. Neutering your kitten is also worth considering, if you don’t want to breed from your cat a good age to do this is 4 months or older.

Body Language

hiding Harringtons treats are great ways to entertain your kitten.

Maintaining Body Condition

Kittens are independent and reasonably easy to maintain. When given their basic requirements and a loving home, your kitten will flourish into a wonderful companion. As they develop into a fully-grown cat be mindful of their body condition; a glossy coat and a good weight, all maintained through a nutrient rich diet, are all great signs that you’re doing the right things.

We can’t wait to see your new kitten, so once they are all settled please don’t forget to send us snaps of your little kitty with us on the Harringtons Facebook page!