9 Things You Didn't Know About Our TV Ad

9 Things You Didn't Know About Our TV Ad

We’ve been working hard on our new TV ad Natural For All, it was a busy time for us but we enjoyed every minute! Here are some fun facts you might have not known about our TV ad.



Where was the TV ad shot?
We shot most of the scenes in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales but also at Harewood House in North Yorkshire.

How many dogs did you use?
We had 40 throughout filming but not everyone could make the final cut!

Which dog breeds did you think to use?
Because we think Harringtons is perfect for every dog, we worked with a whole host of breeds. From Great Danes, Beagles, Dachshunds to Shelties!

Did anything funny happen on set?
Picture a Great Dane running besides two Daschunds. Yep, made us smile too. We had one curious Yorkshire rambler on set at the top of the hill – but he didn’t have four furry legs so we couldn’t include him in the advert.

How were the dogs rewarded?
Plenty of attention and cuddles of course! We also gave them lots of tasty Harringtons treats.

How many cups of tea were drunk during the film?
Plenty, we were filming in Yorkshire after all! Over 100 we’d say…

How long did the video take to shoot?
We filmed across three days in three locations but it took a good few months to arrange.

We’re there any stars?
The Miniature Dachshund brothers, William & Edward appeared in our TV ad and did a fantastic job; you can follow them on Instagram at @dachshundbrothersuk

Where can I see the TV ad?
It is being aired across the UK on all the terrestrial and selected digital channels. You can also head to our YouTube channel to see the full advert.