5 Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at Summer Gatherings

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at Summer Gatherings

Summer is the perfect time to round up friends and family, break out the garden furniture and host a gathering. Making sure your dog enjoys the party as well much as your guests is important, so we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to keep your dog safe and happy at your next picnic or BBQ in the garden


1. Know which foods are safe (or not) for your dog

With your dog hovering around the delicious food waiting to be fed, it’s important to know which foods you can and can’t give your pooch. While overfeeding your dog should be avoided, treating them to a few pieces of a sausages or a burger is fine. 

Be sure to check the ingredients list before handing out leftovers to your pup. Some burgers and sausages may contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, like onions. If this is the case, do not feed them to your pooch, no matter how much they may beg! Also avoid overfeeding them things like bread, a small piece or two is fine, but don’t let them overindulge. 

The meats you should avoid giving them are the ones containing bones, such as spare ribs, because when bones are cooked they can begin to splinter which means your pooch could be in a lot of pain if swallowed.

2. Keep an eye on the bin

While keeping the food out of reach of nosey pooches is a must, it’s also a good idea to keep your eye out for them rifling through the bins, as this could leave them with an upset stomach. Always try to use a bin with a lid where possible, rather than just a bin bag which could be left open and low to the ground, and beware of sharp objects like skewers which could cause injury as your dog investigates the rubbish for any scraps.

3. Keep on top of cleaning up

At the end of a successful gathering, we know cleaning up is the last thing on your mind. However, what’s left behind is an open invitation for your dog to overindulge, which could lead to further problems down the line. 

Dogs make great detectives, and can sniff out even the tiniest of potential tasty treats - which can include things like napkins that have meat juices on. To avoid finding the shredded remnants of any packaging, tissues or paper plates, tidy them away as soon as possible and be sure to put the lid on that bin!

4. Don’t forget about your pooch

It can be a top priority for many to keep your guests entertained and comfortable when they visit, however keeping an eye on your dog is just as important. With new people in your home, your dog can become agitated, anxious and work themselves up.  

Create a calm space for your pooch away from the hustle and bustle of the garden where they can take themselves off to if they feel overwhelmed. Keep checking on them to ensure they have enough fresh water, attention and make sure your guests don’t exhaust them too much - especially if there are young children around.

5. Time to plate up 

Although there is no harm in giving your pooch the odd bit of hot dog or burger, it’s a good idea to feed your dog a tasty meal at the same time you sit down for yours to keep them distracted, allowing you to enjoy your feast in peace. 

Here at Harringtons, our range of dog foods provide a balanced, tasty meal that’s full of natural goodness and packed with plenty of minerals and vitamins. With options for puppies through to adult and even senior dogs, we provide delicious, nutritious food which makes for strong, healthy and happy dogs.

6. Keep your pooch clear of the grill

Starting off with the obvious, keeping your dog away from the cooking and preparation area, especially if you're having a BBQ is the most important rule. This is the part  which could easily hurt your pooch, with hot grills and sharp tools lying around. If your dog does unfortunately get burnt or hurt, simply clean the wound and apply a bandage so that they can’t lick or scratch the cut, making it worse, then pay a visit to the vet to check it over. 


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