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Tasty Frozen Pet Treats For Hot Summer Days

Here at Harringtons, we love summer, but running around in the sunshine has got us working up a sweat. We can’t imagine how hot our pets must be feeling under all that fur! Sometimes sitting in the shade just doesn’t cut it, so take a look at our ideas for refreshing, frozen treats to help your cat or dog keep cool.

Ice Cream

  • Mix two parts of Greek yogurt with one part of banana
  • Put in an ice cube tray to freeze
  • Give these to your pooch as a tasty canine alternative to ice-cream (we bet you can’t help trying one too!)

Tuna Cubes

  • For your kitty, blend a tin of tuna with two tbsp. of water
  • Pour into an ice-cube tray and put in the freezer
  • Your cat will go crazy for these fishy treats!

How do you help your pets keep cool? Let us know on the Harringtons Facebook page